Kara McManus is the Communications Coordinator for Lights. Camera. Help. and if you don’t know her, you should.  Kara was recently interviewed by Tamra Bell, the editor for Y Gen Out Loud, on the WomensRadio Network. Kara discussed her involvement with Lights. Camera. Help., the various opportunites LCH provides for nonprofits, this year’s upcoming film festival, her personal history with nonprofits,  databases, technology in the nonprofit world, and the list goes on. She encourages Gen Y to become involved in a world increasingly in need of everyone’s involvement.  You can download the free podcast or listen to the entire show on Y Gen Out Loud’s website.

Kara McManus began her involvement in the nonprofit world as a child getting involved with clothing and food donations.  In high school, she worked with specials needs kids involved in acting programs.  She graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Public Relations but admits that she “was always really drawn to film and movies.”

Kara began her involvement with LCH two years ago via the internet from her home in Dallas.  In the interview, she speaks to the accessibility of everyone to get involved with an organization, no matter where they are.  Technology has provided a way to volunteer from your own home.

She also talks about how many organizations need help with the “behind-the-scenes” areas, databases, administration, etc, “I enjoy the fact that I am helping someone who needs it, whether I see it or not.”

Kara discusses the many ways technology can connect people to nonprofits and volunteering: how tweeting and other types of social media form a path to becoming involved and even donating.  She continues to encourage the people around her to get involved, wanting to make the next generation better than the one before.

“With a little bit of energy from everyone, we would get a whole lot done.”