When the guns fall silent


Short Film


The story of Ugandan woman, Lillian Akwero, who was abducted at age eight, forced to be a child soldier for the LRA, impregnated by rebel leader Joseph Kony, and later escaped; only to live in an Internally Displaced Persons camp in Gulu.  While there she shared a small hut with her four children. This is the story of one woman’s struggle to go back home, to overcome the horrors of war, and provide a better life for her children.  Will she find the strength to overcome the odds? Or will her past overshadow her hopes for success and the raising of her children?

BenefitingClear Water Initiative



Showing Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 7:00 PM

followed by the features at 8:30pm – Ovejas Azules (Blue Sheep) and Maestra (Teacher)




Director – Jake Herrle

Producer – Jake Herrle

Production Company – Earl, LLC

Cinematographer – Jake Herrle

Editor – Bazyl Dripps and Magick Lantern

Sound – John Dance/ and Arcade 160 Studios

Cast Lillian Akwero with narration by Shayr Guthrie