One of the core goals of Lights. Camera. Help. is to encourage the use of film by nonprofits and spread the word of nonprofit films to wider audiences. You can help us by voting for our panel at SXSW this year: Reel To Reality: How good film does good. Questions: 1. What makes a good cause-driven film? 2. What opportunities are there for non-profit organizations in the world of film and video? 3. How do I create a cause-driven film? 4. What distribution networks should I use for my non-profit film? 5. What is cause-driven film? 6. What if my organization can’t afford to make a film? 7. Why is film better then other media for telling my story? 8. How much does it cost to make a cause-driven film? 9. What special deals are there for non-profits looking to make film? 10. What is the ROI of film for non-profit and cause-driven organizations? Description: The films-for-a-cause genre is rapidly gaining traction as non-profits and cause-driven organizations turn to new media to tell their stories. Panelists will provide tips, tricks resources and advice to filmmakers, non-profits, novices and grassroots organizations looking to spread their message with film and video. Vote for us at the SXSW Panel Picker