Are you a venture philanthropist? Are you ready to give small and help nonprofits in a big way? Here at Lights. Camera. Help. we are on a mission to connect filmmakers with nonprofits, and nonprofits with filmmakers.

But we can’t do that without your investment. By giving twenty dollars today and telling 20 people on social media you can make this happen. (Twenty4Tech :: thanks @joewaters for the name!) We have a goal to raise $2,000 to hire a programmer to build our Project: Action! software. This web-based software will help connect nonprofits and filmmakers all across the U.S. to help create films that make our world a better place.

Much like any new company or nonprofit, we need your investment to help us grow. We’ve done as much as we can on our own and through volunteers, but we need your help to close the gap. Help support Lights. Camera. Help.’s Twenty4Tech campaign today by investing $20.00 and telling 20 people here!