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Pisco Sin Fronteras (10 min)

A short documentary about a group called Piscos Sin Fronteras who provide disaster relief in Peru.

It’s Our Time (5 min)
This piece is from the American Association for Cancer Research and works to promote an annual conference hosted by AACR.

Make Your Voice Heard (2 min)
Institute for Democratic Education in America submitted this PSA to show that there is a different way to educate children than our traditional system.

The Campus (5 min)
The Fellowship of Christian Athletes uses team sports to see the world impacted by Jesus Christ. This video demonstrates that mission.

Sweet Ride (44 sec)
This PSA, from Transform, aims to promote biking as a method of transportation in the Bay Area.

Just Married (44 sec)
This PSA, from Transform, aims to make the Bay Area’s public transportation system a better option.

Gloria’s Story (3 min)

A short documentary, by Farm Sanctuary, presents one example of the work the organization does to rescue abused farm animals.

A`ynan (11 min)
This film highlights the issue of individual freedom of women in the Middle East through one woman’s decision to not wear her head scarf.

Richard Lopez: Achiever of the Year (4 min)
This is a short film that demonstrates Goodwill Industries of Central Texas’ ability to help individuals turn their lives around.

Enriching Lives of Children and Families (10 min)
This film comes from the Queens Library Foundation and shows the reasons why the Queens Library is so important to the community.

Adventures for the Cure (90 min)
The story of four men biking across the country to show that people with diabetes can do anything they want despite the disease.