Now a days, video has become the go to media outlet for promoting just about anything. We see commercials on television everyday, along with more and more PSAs. Wither it’s a Susan G. Komen for the Cure commercial or an full length documentary, the fact is video is reaching more people faster than any Facebook post ever could.

Video is not just a creative way to deliver a message and reach your current audience, but it is also good for attracting new supporters. If you are a nonprofit organization with a limited budget for marketing, you most likely have created “event” pages on Facebook and tweets on twitter hoping to reach your current community and to catch the eye of a few other individuals. The truth is, you will always be promoting to the same circle of people if you don’t decide on a different tactic.

With the expense of video equipment decreasing and the availability of free and easy editing programs increasing, such as YouTube’s Video Editor, you can’t really complain about not having enough money or the ease to produce a straight to the point, call for action video.

According to the Nielsen “State of The Media: The Social Media Report,” Americans streamed about 15 billion videos in 2010. Also more individuals are likely to attend an event after seeing a video about it, which could mean 10,000 views equals 10,000 attendees.

Here are a few simple steps to help you create a video to promote your next nonprofit event!

-Distinguish your cause and what the event will be supporting
Tell your audience what your organization is all about. Let them also know how their support will make a positive difference.

-Keep it simple
Don’t try to add all the “bells and whistles” as they say. The more direct and to the point you are with out added distractions or complex editing, will help your video be more effective and chances are people will watch it in its entirety. Example: 2010 Komen Chicago Race for the Cure

-Be yourself
Be sincere. Try to connect with your viewers through the video. Talk to them through the lens.

-Highlight some of the sub-events taking place
Tell your viewers about all the great action that will be taking place at your event. Make sure not to let too much out, you want your audience to be intrigued. If you leave them wanting more theyare sure to come to your event and let everyone else know how great it was.

-Include a call-to-action
Encourage your viewers to visit your organization’s website along with your social media sites, such as Facebook. Direct them to sign-up for your email list so they can stay connected. And most importantly champion them to attend your event!

-Close with conviction
At the end of your video, reiterate the importance of your cause and more importantly the impact that your viewers participation will make. Letting people know that their support matters, will increase their chances of taking the actual steps to help out. Example: Change Purse

After you spend all that time and effort creating such a master piece don’t let it go to waste. Make sure you take every avenue to promote your video as much as possible. Your video will only reach people if you put it out there for them to see.

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