The Cipher is on a mission to unite Austin youth through music, poetry and activism. The Cipher began in 2007 and its’ creation was inspired by the film the Hip Hop Project. Through their love of music, these youth have become involved with and connected to many other nonprofits, the local music industry and each other. It is a start of a movement in Austin that will reach many more young people and inspire many.

Filming locations: Austin, TX
Running time: 15mins


Director: Sean Schiavolin & Christoher Morse 
Producer: Ian Cion 
Production Company: Sean Schiavolin & Christoher Morse 
Cinematographer: Sean Schiavolin & Christoher Morse 
Editor: Sean Schiavolin & Christoher Morse 
Music: The Cipher


Sean Schiavolin graduated from the University of Loyola New Orleans in 1998 with a degree in Broadcast Production. In 2000, Sean moved to Austin, Texas and was hired to Direct live concert productions and music videos for the Austin Music Network. Since 2005 he has been an independent filmmaker directing/shooting/and editing various long form and short form projects. He has most currently co-directed and edited OK Buckaroos, a full-length documentary on the life and career of famous singer-songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker.