The genesis of this project is rooted in the fundamental challenge that all individuals and families struggling with homelessness face on a daily basis – how to get people to see beyond the word “homeless” and all that entails? “Homeless” is a barrier that precludes too many people from giving our residents a chance. These three PSAs depict different scenarios showing the surprising realities and barriers this population faces every day in Austin. In doing so, our goals are to motivate the viewer to take action, to show that nearly anyone among us can be affected by homelessness, and to reveal the true costs of this issue to our community.


We encourage our viewers to take the following actions:
Email to a friend: http://www.greendoors.org/advocacy/taxpayer.php
Learn more about family homelessness: http://www.greendoors.org/facts/family-homelessness.php
Get Involved: http://www.greendoors.org/facts/family-homelessness.php
Invest: http://www.greendoors.org/invest/

Filming locations: Austin, TX
Running time: 2 minutes, 51 seconds for all 3 PSAs combined



Director: Berndt Mader of Bear Media 
Producer: Kala Philo 
Production Company: Walkie Talkie Productions 
Screenwriting: Kala Philo and Berndt Mader 
Cinematographer: Ben Steinbauer 
Editor: Elijah Parker 
Sound: Luke Allen

Royce Boswell -HOMELESS MAN,
Ryan Wickerham – HUSBAND (in kitchen),
Sandra Blair – WOMAN ONE (wife in kitchen),
Seis Steves – BOY ONE (well off son),
T. Lynn Mikeska = WOMAN TWO (poor mother),
Nathaniel Petroff – BOY TWO (poor son)


Berndt Mader Filmography: “Winnebago Man” (2010) – Cinematographer “Five Time Champion” (2010) – Director, Producer, Screenwriter “The Next Tim Day” (2006) – Cinematographer