Tale of Two Brothers (2009)
Short Narrative, 12 minutes
Director: Daren Baptiste

A Tale of Two Brothers presented by the Los Angeles Urban League (LAUL l The League) is a three-part series following the lives of two men from birth to adulthood and the positive interaction they gain from their involvement with the League. JAMAAL DUBOUISE, born in prison to a mother struggling with addiction, finds himself reaching various heights in academia and in life. Though Jamaal has a soft spot for the ladies his tenacity and determination helps him through these trails. Then there is OSCAR DUNCAN, born to an upwardly mobile couple in relational turmoil, who finds his life in a tail spin after his father abandons his family.Though his over worked mother tries her best to provide a consistent life for Oscar, he eventually succumbs to the street and gang life style.

In the spirit of movies such as: CRASH and IN THE MEANWHILE, A TALE OF TWO BROTHERS relies on the theme of fate and circumstance, which causes Oscar and Jamaal’s lives to intersect at various stages. Volume One: GENESIS -Follows the characters from Birth to Kindergarten Volume Two: INVICTUS -Follows the characters from Grade School through High School . Volume Three: IF -Follows the characters from High School thru Adulthood.

Los Angeles Urban League

The mission of the Los Angeles Urban League is to enable African Americans and other minorities to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights through advocacy activities and the provision of programs and services in our uniquely diversified city and region.