Happy week after SXSW everybody, I hope you a had a great time last week and enjoyed all of the great music/films/other things that came to our town last week.  During the festivities, several of our board members gave some excellent talks at SXSW Interactive.  Lights. Camera. Help Founder and CEO David J. Neff hosted a panel called Hyperlocal Public T.V. Station Models, where he and other panel members discussed new ways in which content for hyperlocal media outlets can manage their content.  The discussion focused on integrating their content into a variety of different mediums including social media, websites, traditional television, and live events in order to create new and accessible products for their communities.  The talk offers some great insight into how public television stations can create a dialogue with their audiences, and it can be listened to in its entirety here.

David wasn’t the only board member speaking, LCH Board Secretary Andrea Schulle spoke on a panel called Social Flubs: Can Bad Publicity Be Good?  This panel discussion focused on different social media flubs including the recent Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood and Papa John’s Twitter escapades.  In this talk, Andrea and her fellow panel members discusses effective ways to deal with social media flubs and the entire panel discussion can be listened to here.

We had a great time last week, and as we settle back into our regular lives (the 51 weeks out of the year when SXSW isn’t happening) we look forward to trying new things that we learned.  Thank you to those of you who came out to our panel discussions, it was a blast.