The Lights. Camera. Help film festival is almost half way through the submission process. So, if you’re waiting to submit, don’t wait until the last minute!. Already, we’ve received a good diversity of films for the festival. The most recent film received was Prostition: Beyond the Myths. This is a 30-minute documentary examining new solutions to the world’s oldest profession and features the stories of former prostitutes, along with the Minneapolis judiciary, law enforcement, and a research study currently being conducted in North Minneapolis. The Look Good…Feel Better Facilitator Training Video is a video intended to people interested in helping patients receiving cancer treatment to maintain their self esteem during trying times. Dia de luz | Day of light follows the musician, Braddigan, during the course of one day through La Chureca, a landfill in Nicaragua with about 1,500 men women and children who depend on the inbound trash for their livelihood. On this one particular day, they bring music, kites and laughter. (Part of Love, Light and Melody). The very first submission we received by mail was The American Widow Project. I first heard about this project on NPR‘s story, Born from Grief, exploring the travails and bonding of war widows who shoulder each other when it’s hard to stand. It’s great to see the formats vary in the films, but it’s also great to see the wide variety of causes. Poverty, hunger, health, animal well-being and the cost of war are among the many themes we’ll be able to explore at this year’s film festival for non-profits.  We’ll see the stories, the causes, the organizations and the films.

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