Short Film


The unauthorized immigrant population in the United States has tripled from 3.5 million people in 1990 to more than 11 million in 2010. Stepped-up patrols along the border with Mexico – the source of 60 percent of unauthorized immigrants – has had little impact.


Border enforcement does not address one of the main reasons why people leave their home countries: to escape poverty. This short film documents the lives of Marvin Garcia Salas, Santiago Cruz and their families. They migrated separately to the United States and Canada for work but are now able to stay in Mexico with the help of programs that invest in rural areas and reduce the pressure to migrate.

Benefiting: Bread for the World


Director – Laura Elizabeth Pohl
Producer – Laura Elizabeth Pohl
Cinematographer – Maisie Crow and Laura Elizabeth Pohl
Music – I Am Not Lefthanded, Oleg Serkov, Bosques de mi Mente, Joe Travieso, Alex Alexandroff, Sambodhi Prem