guest post by Isabella V

Woof. Mew. Squawk.

We are all familiar with these pet sounds, but we don’t always know what they mean.

This Thursday, July 28, on opening night of the film festival, the 1-minute and 34-second short “Adopt Julian” offers unmistakable meows of laughter.

Directed by Jonathan Sizemore, for the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in southern Utah, this entertaining short film tells the story of Julian, one of the many adoptable cats that live at the shelter and at so many others all across the country.

If “Adopt Julian” is an effective portrayal of the joy that animals can bring to our lives,

…it is also a fair representation of the power and quality of the shirt films at this year’s film festival. In less than 2 minutes, we are engaged by a story and inspired to act.The film is an artistic and entertaining way of saying, “No More Homeless Pets,” the mission of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary since 1990. The sanctuary is supported by Best Friends Animal Society, the nonprofit flagship of grassroots networks and organizations from around the country. Best Friends is supported entirely by donations and provides public education programs as well as animal rescue and disaster response efforts at home and abroad.

On any given day, there are about 1,700 dogs, cats and other animals living at the sanctuary. These animals go there for special care and to get ready to become adopted by a loving family. However, adoption doesn’t come easy. So, the Best Friend Animal Society has become the voice of rescued pets like Julian, in an attempt to share their story. They interpret their woofs, their mews and their squawks, so that we get to know them better.