The Shine a Light video has been specially made for Amnesty International’s 50th anniversary. The Betterment Bureau division of New York based LoyalKaspar has done some outstanding pro bono work. The video gives a unique look and feel of how people’s words and actions make a difference around the world. It addresses serious Human Rights violations issues and therefore Amnesty’s focus cases.



Filming locations: Loyal Kaspar Studio

Running time: 3:04



Director: Elliott Chaffer, Beat Baudenbacher 
Producer: Elliott Chaffer, Scott Lakso 
Production Company: LoyalKaspar Inc (Betterment Bureau Department) 
Screenwriting: Betterment Bureau 
Cinematographer: Elliott Chaffer, Emre Veyeri 
Editor: Elliott Chaffer 
Music: Mikkel Hess 
Sound: Gavin Little at Echolab 
Cast: Zephyr Jagessar Chaffer, Anjali Menon, Dave Able


Beginning with the first letter that launched the organization, the film follows the journey of multiple cubes of light that come together to Shine A Light on human rights issues. From the typewriter to the computer keyboard Amnesty International continues to expose the injustices in the world through letter writing. The Bureau for the Betterment of the World through Design is a coalition of like-minded creatives who have joined forces for one purpose: to make the world a better place through design. Founded by members of New York-based design firm Loyalkaspar, Inc., the BBWD operates as a not-for-profit creative team working on original projects as well as collaborating with local and global organizations for charitable causes. It currently works out of the Loyalkaspar offices in New York City.