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This is an announcement schedule. The films will not necessarily show in this order, but they are scheduled to show on the stated nights. We will be adding production, non-profit and other information about the films in the next few days.

Thursday, July 28th

7pm – 10pm

The RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service

Free parking in lot off Red River. Lot #39 on this map.


Friday, July 29th

7pm – 10pm

The Spirit of Texas Theater at the Bob Bullock Museum

Free parking in attached garage

Saturday, July 30th

3pm – 6pm

The RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service

Free parking in lot on Red River. Lot #39 on this map.


Wrap party immediately after the screening!




Thursday July 28, 2011

Paradise Recovered
Shot entirely on location in Southern Indiana and Austin, Texas, Paradise Recovered attempts a modern-day retelling of the parable of the Good Samaritan while addressing hard questions involving faith, tolerance, and spiritual abuse in modern culture. >>


Adopt Julian
Julian is one of the many cats that live at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. We made this video to highlight him as an adoptable cat and tried to make it fun and different than your average adoptable video. >>


The Bay vs. The Bag
A woman sits down for a picnic at the beach in a hyper surrealist world where the water is so polluted that it is completely made of plastic grocery store bags. The woman carelessly allows her own plastic bag to blow into the tide, adding to the growing pollution. Later, the woman plays and enjoys herself in the water, but finds that the pollution has grown out of control when she is bombarded by a tidal wave of bags. The waves leaves her washed up on shore, surrounded by the thousands of bags that now comprise the Bay. >>


Cards of Hope
Our film focuses on a community organization in Cebu City, Philippines called Alay Kapwa. The members live in Cebu City’s poorest slums but work together to generate income, provide early education programs for children, and support those most in need in the community. In their most recent initiative, the members make and sell greeting cards to fund a high school and college scholarship program. The film follows one of the scholarship recipients in her walk to school and the card making process, from its roots to the final sale here in Austin, Texas. >>


It’s in Your Hands
This film showcases the tippy tap – a small solution to a big problem. In India, 1000 children die from diarrhea daily. Almost half of these lives can be saved by hand washing with soap. A low tech, inexpensive device the tippy tap is a hands-free way to wash hands. Using up-cycled materials the tippy tap represents an elegant solution to preventing transmission of disease and contamination of shared water supplies. It also conserves water, using 50ml or less to thoroughly wash with soap — that’s about 10 times less than using a bucket which is a common method used in communities without running water. >>


Fight Like Hell
Fight Like Hell is an Alpheus Media film which chronicles the experience of Brian, a professional baseball coach, through his diagnosis with stage 4 melanoma, as he undergoes treatment, navigates the health care system, and confronts challenges that all cancer survivors must face. In life as in baseball, you have to have a team to be successful, and Brian is supported along the way by his girlfriend Lupe, his family and LIVESTRONG. >>


Born For This Moment
CURE International’s hospital in the Dominican Republic sent a small crew of first responders to give medical aide in Haiti after the earthquake. This is their story. >>


September 2011: Clean Water for the Bayaka
The Bayaka are an African Pygmy tribe. They were one of the last hunter-gatherer societies in the world until the logging industry pushed them out of the forest. Now, they’re learning to live on the outskirts of villages, where they face rejection and abuse by locals who see them as animals who belong in the jungle. Many Bayaka live without clean water in southern C.A.R. In September 2010, we wanted to raise enough to bring clean and safe drinking water to every one of them. >>


Colin’s Hope – Prevent Childhood Drowning
The video informs viewer why Colin’s Hope exists and gives viewers facts about drowning. The video also gives viewers tips to help prevent childhood drownings and asks viewers to take the Colin’s Hope, Water Guardian Pledge. >>

Shine a Light on Human Rights
The Shine a Light video has been specially made for Amnesty International’s 50th anniversary. The Betterment Bureau division of New York based LoyalKaspar has done some outstanding pro bono work. The video gives a unique look and feel of how people’s words and actions make a difference around the world. It addresses serious Human Rights violations issues and therefore Amnesty’s focus cases. >>


Friday July 29, 2011

Urban Roots
Urban Roots is the powerful story of the rise of the urban farming movement in post industrial Detroit. The diverse citizens of Detroit have come together to create hope and community through small, independent farms grown in the city, that make fresh food available to people, many for the first time. (90 minutes) >>


A Read on Inside Books
A short film about Inside Books Project, a nonprofit organization in Austin, Texas, that provides free books to people in Texas prisons. The film features volunteers of the organization who explain how the organization works and why its purpose is so important. >>


Open Season: On Native Women
The title ‘Open Season’ is taken from a Native activist’s quote ‘It’s like it’s open season on Native women,’ referring to the fact that Native women suffer from sexual violence at a higher rate than any other ethnicity in the United States. The reasons for this disturbing trend are varied and complicated, however, simply put, Native women are easy targets. The film will be framed around the stories of women who have survived violence both in cases of domestic abuse, and sexual assault. The Native Women’s organizations who’s goal it is to protect and provided assistance to these women will also be highlighted. >>


A Public Service Announcement not approved by AJWS
This American Jewish World Service public service announcement, created by uber-producer/director/writer Judd Apatow, shows a funnier, edgier side of global justice and features some big-name stars: Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman, Jerry Seinfeld, John Mayer, Susan Sarandon, Sir Patrick Stewart, Andy Samberg, Ken Jeong, Tracy Morgan, Helen Hunt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Gilbert Gottfried, Brian Williams and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. The PSA premiered at AJWS’s 25th anniversary celebration on October 28, 2010. >>


A Thousand Suns
A Thousand Suns’ tells the story of the Gamo Highlands of the African Rift Valley and the unique worldview held by the people of the region. This isolated area has remained remarkably intact both biologically and culturally. Shot in Ethiopia, New York and Kenya, the film explores two interrelated threats to the Gamo Highlands: 1) the evangelistic aspirations of the protestant church that are destroying the Gamo’s indigenous spirituality and governance systems; and 2) the efforts of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), a Western aid organization which is spending hundreds of millions of dollars bringing chemical pesticides, fertilizers and so-called improved seeds to the continent. ”Through these external forces we gain insight into the modern world’s untenable sense of separation from and superiority over nature. And we see how the interconnected worldview of the Gamo people is fundamental in achieving long-term sustainability, both in the region and beyond. >>


Build. Believe. Become.
Saint Louise House empowers women with children to overcome homelessness in Central Texas. They believe in the intrinsic worth of every person. They strive to keep families together. This film tells the story of the Saint Louise House, and relates through its residents how they help the community. >>


It’s a Jolly Holly-dog Celebration!
This video was made to go viral and did just that! It garnered over 500,000 hits over the holidays promoting adoption of the many shelter pets around the country and from Best Friends Animal Society. >>


Water Changes Everything
Almost a billion people live without clean drinking water. We call this the water crisis. It’s a crisis because it only starts with water — but water affects everything in life.
Health. Education. Food security. The lives of women, especially.
We can end the water crisis in our lifetime. But first we have to let everyone know it’s happening. In just three minute, you can learn from this short animated film how water changes everything. >>


Saturday July 30, 2011

On Coal River
Coal River Valley, West Virginia is a community surrounded by lush mountains and a looming toxic threat. ON COAL RIVER follows a former miner and his neighbors in a David-and-Goliath struggle for the future of their valley, their children, and life as they know it.

Ed Wiley once worked at the same coal waste facility that now threatens his granddaughter;s elementary school. When his local government refuses to act, Ed embarks on a quest to have the school relocated to safer ground.
With insider knowledge and a sharp sense of right and wrong, Ed confronts his local school board, the state government, and a notorious coal company ‘Massey Energy’ for putting his granddaughter and his community at risk. >>


The Cipher – Austin’s Hip Hop Project
The Cipher is on a mission to unite Austin youth through music, poetry and activism. The Cipher began in 2007 and its’ creation was inspired by the film the Hip Hop Project. Through their love of music, these youth have become involved with and connected to many other nonprofits, the local music industry and each other. It is a start of a movement in Austin that will reach many more young people and inspire many. >>


50 Years – Amnesty International
Produced by Award winning documentary film maker, Jeff Dupre and Show of Force, this powerful film, 50 YEARS – AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL captures 50 years of the organization’s work, and challenges us to continue to change the world together by advancing human rights for all. >>


Defensora o Chiqui
Berenice Celeyta has received numerous death threats. She is Colombian and a Human Rights Advocates. The longest social armed conflict continues to wage on in her country. Nonetheless, she never gives up hope. >>


Meet the Digits
Meet the Digits, an ordinary family enjoying an ordinary summer until Lucy surprised everybody by falling from her favorite tree, which landed her in an Austin hospital.

The Digits didn’t live close enough to drive there every day, but they needed to be with Lucy while she healed.

Since 1985 Ronald McDonald House Austin has been keeping families of sick or injured kids together while their children are undergoing care.  >>


Concero Connect: Access Changes Everything
A glimpse of several underprivileged and underserved communities in Guanajuato, Mexico and the problems they face without substantial access to the outside world. We see those from Concero Connect venture into these communities to deliver radically affordable broadband connectivity for the first time, a model they hope to recreate in communities around the world. >>


Tex. S Taxpayer Series
The genesis of this project is rooted in the fundamental challenge that all individuals and families struggling with homelessness face on a daily basis – how to get people to see beyond the word “homeless” and all that entails? “Homeless” is a barrier that precludes too many people from giving our residents a chance. >>


300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds
As the title suggests, this quick video tracks the impact of fossil fuels on society over the past centuries — and suggest a difficult but hopeful future ahead. >>