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In 2008, 15 year old high school student Luigi Breve’ Mazzoni volunteers as a translator and medical assistant for the humanitarian aid organization Cape CARES. He is a typical urban teenager who enjoys a comfortable life in the capital city of Tegucigalpa Honduras. Far away from the remote rural areas of his country, Luigi is unaware of the level of poverty his fellow Hondurans suffer in these villages. He is deeply affected by his experience.

In 2009, Luigi ventures back to San Marcos Honduras with filmmaker Debi Lang (Caring For The World Films), to produce a documentary to share with children and teenagers about rural life, Cape CARES and their exhaustive efforts to help the people in the remote villages of El Algodonal, Los Encinitos, and San Marcos. He hopes by viewing this video, children and young people will be motivated to become involved in humanitarian causes not only in his country, Honduras, but all over the world.



Non-Profit Organization:  Cape CARES

Location:  San Marcos, Honduras

Team:  2008  February Team

Produced and Directed by Debi Lang, Caring For The World Films

Executive Producers: Steve Lang

Editor: Debi Lang

Music: John Dennis, Mike Aiken

Photography: Jan Kohler, Gordon Pettit

Host: Luigi Breve



Luigi Breve’ Mazzoni was born in the United States and has lived in Central America most of his life. He lives in Tegucigalpa Honduras.

In 2008, Luigi volunteered for the US Based humanitarian organization, Cape CARES as a translator and medical assistant. He was deeply affected by his experience.

Luigi returned to San Marcos the following year with film maker Debi Lang, to shoot a documentary about life in rural Honduras as well as the exhaustive efforts of the Cape CARES volunteers to help the people who live the remote villages of El Algodonal, Los Encinitos and San Marcos. His goal was to bring awareness to the impoverished populations in his country in hopes of motivating young people to get involved with humanitarian projects around the world.  His project was released in the fall of 2009 with accolades from his peers and fellow Hondurans.

Luigi is an honor student at the prestigious Discovery School. In 2009, Luigi received the High Academic Achievement Award presented by President Barak Obama.

He plans to study film making in the United States when he graduates.



Debi Lang is the President and founder of Caring For The World Films.  She is an award winning photojournalist with over 25 years of experience in the broadcast and film/radio industry.  Debi has worked for a number of media companies including Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS as well as a host of film and video production companies.  Her background includes all aspects of video and film production.  Her work covering the Iraq war earned her the Edward R. Murrow Award for News Documentary.

After three tours covering the war, Debi left broadcast television to focus on humanitarian causes. She launched Caring for the World Films in 2009. She elicits and captures the true essence of her subject matter from the raw, unbiased viewpoint presented by the individuals in her films.   She is drawn to organizations involved in providing international medical care for impoverished areas and education for underprivileged children. Her first project was Road To San Marcos for the international humanitarian organization Cape CARES.

Debi’s goal is to provide young people with the opportunity to experience different cultures and societies in the hope that they recognize the positive impact that they can make in the world through documentary filmmaking.  Through their films, the kids of today can influence tomorrow’s generation by advocating the pursuit of helping the less fortunate globally.