Red Ink (2009)
Short Narrative, 8 minutes
Director: Devansh Mathur

A high school boy feels oppressed by the unrelenting demands of the education system and parental expectations that don’t pay any heed to his innate talents. Will he succumb to the pressure or fight back?

We Are Family Foundation

The “We Are Family Project” began in response to the tragic events of September 11th. Legendary songwriter/producer Nile Rodgers and Tommy Boy Music president, Tom Silverman gathered 200 celebrities on the weekend of September 22nd to re-record Nile’s world renowned hit song “We Are Family” to commence the healing process. The recording sessions that weekend again proved the song’s power to give hope and allow people to feel better through an uplifting beat and a message of unity. The event was captured on film as a documentary by director Danny Schechter entitled The Making and Meaning of We Are Family and a music video by director Spike Lee.

Nile had no idea that the hit song he and his late music partner Bernard Edwards wrote for Sister Sledge in 1979 would be a part of history again by helping to bring people together and give hope that we can live together in a peaceful world.

Three Dot Dash

Three Dot Dash® is a global initiative of the We Are Family Foundation® designed to recognize and support the efforts of Global Teen Leaders around the world who are actively working on projects that promote a more peaceful society by addressing issues related to basic human needs: food, water, health, shelter, safety, education and the environment.

Devansh, 15, India – Biography 2008 Global Teen Leader Devansh seeks to increase awareness about environmental concerns and children’s issues by making short films on his PowerBook Mac G4. He uses these films to encourage people to reconsider traditional things in contemporary contexts and to become aware of things that they tend to overlook. One of his films, “Snaky Tales,” sensitizes viewers to violence against snakes and nature at large. “Believe the Hype” exposes the effects of advertising and children’s food habits, with the goal of making children aware of negative health habits due to media exposure.

Another film, “Birds through My Window,” which won the Golden Tree Award at a National Environment Film Festival, is shown extensively in schools and was part of a traveling film festival that went to four major cities across India. Devansh plans to pursue his media initiatives for tribal children and to make a positive impact on society with his films. For more information, visit

Devansh Mathur, Writer, Director & Editor
Rudransh Mathur, Camera & Editor
Devansh Mathur, Lead Character
Rudransh Mathur, Mother
Atul Mathur, Father