has provided people with the ability to host and share their movies since February 2005. In 2007 got clever and created a program for companies like yours and mine; nonprofit organizations! Since then thousands of organizations have made impacts on tons of individuals thanks to the opportunities youtube offers through the specific program.

Now in order to be a part of such a great program, you have to be accepted in to the Google for Nonprofits program, since Google is the oversees, once approved by them it should be a breeze to create your nonprofit Youtube account. Why would you want to create a Youtube account under the nonprofits program? Well it is simple, the Youtube Nonprofit Program provides you with useful tools that will help you to tell your story, help raise money for your cause, and more importantly will help you to gain the support from your audience that you need to carry out your mission.

There are six key elements with in the nonprofits program, these are what make the program special.

  1. Donation button, this button will allow your viewers to donate to your cause right from your Youtube page. No more adding links to your donation sites or pay-pals, it’s all on one page.
  2. Live-streaming capability. With this, you can be onsite anywhere in the world and stream video footage on to your Youtube channel. This can help in numerous ways, you can bring your audience to the cause, share events with your audience and more.
  3. The ability to brand your nonprofit’s channel. You can customize your channel to correlate to your brands look.
  4. Call-to-Action overlays. With these overlays you can direct your audience to participate in a certain action, whither it’s directing them to your website or to another website or even encouraging them to donate, these overlays, can generate all kinds of actions from your viewers.
  5. Video Annotations. The use of the annotations will help you to direct people to your website or to subscribe to your channel.
  6. Youtube offers a Community Forum specifically designed for nonprofit organizations. You can connect with others like yourself along with pros who can help answer and guide you in any way possible.

So as you can see, there are a ton of great reasons for you to go to the Youtube Nonprofits Program apply and start your channel now! We at Lights. Camera. Help. believe that there is no greater way to make an impact and gain support for your cause than through the power of video media. We’ve enjoyed using the nonprofits program with Google and Youtube and hope we inspire you to do the same. Be one of the thousands of organizations benefiting from the program and changing lives in the process.