Pisco sin fronteras

Showing 7pm Thursday, July 29th at theMexican American Cultural Center

In 2007 an 8.0 Earthquake devastated Pisco, Peru.  The humanitarian branch of Burning Man, Burners without Borders, set out to help rebuild the city. Now three years later, the organization has been handed over to local leadership, is 100 volunteers strong, and pumps out ten projects a day from rebuilding houses, pouring concrete floors, developing environmental centers, and aiding childcare centers.  As a group of creative and resourceful travelers from all over the world, they enliven the city with its unique flair of burning man culture.   PSF is entirely volunteer run and funds it’s operations through clever fundraisers volunteers organize and a new bio-diesel reactor that transforms used vegetable oil into automotive diesel.  PSF is an amazing example of grassroots collaboration, creativity, and success that has a profound impact on the Pisco community. www.PiscoSinFronteras.org or PSF on Facebook.

This film was co-created by Jefe Greenheart and Kelly Schiller on their Gaian Path enviro-humanitarian mission acrossSouth America. www.GaianPath.org


Kelly Schiller

In college I was introduced to the world of international travel paired with environmental and humanitarian service work. I became passionate about exploring the beauty of the world but adamant about using my gifts to serve those in need. Much of my time was focused on leading activist groups and working on international projects from building an organic garden for a local elementary school, delivering medicine to sick elderly in Cuba, researching sustainable forestry in Puerto Rico, constructing a latrine in Ghana, teaching environmental education in India, attending conferences at the United Nations in Geneva, and leading a group of students to volunteer with the Shuar Indigenous community in the Amazon.  I received degrees in Political Science, Environmental Studies, and International Relations from Eckerd College.  While experiencing the challenges societies face across the world, I began planning a pan-American project to research grassroots organizations while using film to illuminate how beneficial and effective they are.

Jefe Greenheart

Over the past several years I’ve filmed for The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, ESPN, HBO, IFC, and some of the top prime-time programs such as 60 Minutes, Dateline NBC, and ABC World News Tonight; all while ironically never actually owning a television.  Now I’m transitioning into creating inspirational documentaries with a focus on ecology and consciousness.  While I want to help fight the negativity in this world, my vision is to illuminate the positive stories/actions/organizations that are collectively helping change our world for the better.  I value and cherish all the relationships and experience I’ve gained through working in the television industry, and I hope to use the skills I cultivated to make a difference.  Acting as the eye for the world led me on incredible adventures: from capturing the top athletes on the planet from the back of a motorcycle to flying on President Obama’s private jet during the 2008 campaign.  From producing segments with Entertainment Tonight to Oprah, MTV to the BBC–these diverse experiences have given me a guided perspective.  My intention is to synthesize this journey ahead into a series of short documentaries that will help others find their calling, follow their hearts, and do their part to change the world, even if it’s just their own little corner of it.

Length: 10 minutes


This film was co-created by Jefe Greenheart and Kelly Schiller on their Gaian Path enviro-humanitarian mission acrossSouth America. www.GaianPath.org