Kashi’s REAL Food Project is taking on “food deserts” – urban areas without access to fresh and healthy foods, often with no grocery store in sight. Kashi asked Alpheus to create a film for their campign to support non-profit organizations that are keeping real food in the minds and hands of communities throughout the U.S. The result: “Let’s Get Real” launched on causes.com. Every time someone watches the video, Kashi donates $2 directly to the cause. Within the first week, the video raised $43,000 and is climbing by the minute.

The Real Food Deficit is the gap between our vision for healthy communities and reality. From neighborhoods that don’t have access to fresh produce to kids growing up without nutrition education, it’s a complex problem that many of us face. This video from the Kashi REAL Project educates people about ways to combat this issue and how nonprofit organizations, like HealthCorps, are empowering the next generation to take on the real food deficit and shape healthier communities.


Director: Mat Hames

Producers: Anne Nagelkirk and Aaron Smith

Benefitting Organization: The Kashi REAL Project