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Lights. Camera. Help. can educate your nonprofit on how to start using video as part of your communications strategy:

We’re currently offering a 4-part, project-based workshop series in partnership with Austin Community College’s Center for Community Based and Nonprofit Organizations.

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Session 1 – Friday, January 24
Learning to Tell Your Story

The first session will guide you through the process of establishing the narrative of your work. We’ll focus on developing a goal for your story, telling the right story, who the best character is to tell that story, and how to put your story in a format that works for film. Throughout the course of the next two weeks you will develop your story with the aid of our instructors who will be on call to assist you.

Session 2 – Friday, February 7
Capturing Your Story on Camera

The second session will give you the skills you need to shoot video that both looks and sounds great. We’ll cover, framing your shot, lighting your shot, recording high-quality audio, interviewing strategies for great sound bites, and other tips and tricks for improving your video quality. You’ll gain hands-on experience with video equipment so you can leave confident in your ability to capture your story on camera. Over the next two weeks you will shoot the story you’ve created and come to the next workshop with your footage ready to edit.

Session 3 – Friday, February 21
Editing Your Story

The third workshop of the series will be focused on editing your story and getting it ready for your audience. We’ll show you how to find free music, stock photography and sound effects, cut your story together with the Youtube video editor, add graphics, text and music, and make an effective presentation to accomplish your goals. Over the next two weeks you’ll edit your story and our team of instructors will be on call to help you with any creative or technical issues you may experience.

Session 4 – Friday, March 7
Distributing Your Story to the World

The fourth and final workshop is all about making sure everyone sees your story. We’ll start by making popcorn and watching all the films created during the series. After a round of constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement, we’ll talk about the many distribution methods for your work. This includes search engine optimization for video, syndication, and exploration other tools to help viewers find and view your film.