Sacred Heart Community Clinic is a free, nonprofit, volunteer-staffed clinic. Our mission is to take care of those in our own neighborhood who have no health insurance and cannot afford to visit the doctor. Approximately 21% of the Williamson and Travis County population is uninsured, as evidenced by local hospitals experiencing a continuing increase in emergency room visits for non-life threatening medical care. SHCC will provide a family medical home for many of these people living in Round Rock.

Everyone who qualifies to come to SHCC has access to integrated services that address a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Access to these services is the key to fostering long-term health for working-poor families, while providing numerous benefits for the community. This video is to share awareness of our mission.

 Do Unto Others Image

Director: Greg Hughs

Producer: Matt Manroe

Benefitting Organization: Sacred Heart Community Clinic