Mama Hope is a non-profit that focuses on community development projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ghana. We started this video series so people could begin to reimagine Africa.  It is only when people are no longer seen through the stereotypes of poverty that we can begin to see we are not so different from each other. We wanted our Mama Hope supporters to see that Africa is full of progress, potential, and hope.

Meet Alex. He is a happy, healthy, 9 year-old boy at St. Timothy’s School in Moshi, Tanzania. In Alex, we see intelligence, a great memory and a sparkling personality. He doesn’t want your hand-me-down t-shirts but if you will listen, he will tell you he wants to become president of Tanzania . . . and of course, how much he loves action movies! When he learned we were from California, he immediately started talking about our former Governor and action movie star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then he launched into a 15 minute play-by-play recap of the entire plot of the classic “Commando.” How could we not share this amazing footage with you?

After that exceptional moment, we started thinking about the 9-year-olds we know and it was all too clear that even continents apart they had the same essential qualities we love: imagination, creativity, and hilarity. These are the messages we want to share.

 Mama Hope Commando Image

Director: Joe Sabia

Producer: Joe Sabia

Benefitting Organization: Mama Hope