The film follows the lives of five families and the tough choices they must make – sacrifices that most people could not imagine. Their journeys are chronicled as they fight to meet their most basic needs. The realities of poverty are exposed and common assumptions are challenged about what it takes to survive. The Center for Public Policy Priorities (CPPP) educates the public and policy makers about the challenges facing low to moderate income Texans. They host a variety of public education events throughout the year, as well as speaking at community events across the state.

The challenge CPPP often faced when talking about the issues that affect policy on poverty was that just talking about facts and figures wasn’t enough. They needed to make an emotional connection with their audience. The idea to create a film was born out of this problem. By connecting the stories of real families to issues relating to poverty, CPPP was able to give their audience a true to life context for the facts and figures. The film has been, and continues to be, screened all over texas as a part of CPPP’s ongoing efforts to inform the public and policy makers about the realities of poverty in Texas.

Director: George Sledge

Producer: Aaron B. Smith

Benefitting Organization: Center for Public Policy Priorities