The title ‘Open Season’ is taken from a Native activist’s quote ‘It’s like it’s open season on Native women,’ referring to the fact that Native women suffer from sexual violence at a higher rate than any other ethnicity in the United States. The reasons for this disturbing trend are varied and complicated, however, simply put, Native women are easy targets. The film will be framed around the stories of women who have survived violence both in cases of domestic abuse, and sexual assault. The Native Women’s organizations who’s goal it is to protect and provided assistance to these women will also be highlighted.


Filming locations: New Mexico
Running time: 14



Director: Raquel Chapa 
Producer: Raquel Chapa 
Production Company: Clarabell Production 
Cinematographer: Dustinn Criag 
Editor: Ramona Emerson 
Music: Laura Ortman, Manuel Lopez III 
Cast: Rebecca Riley