The mission statement and the brand positioning statement for Lights. Camera. Help. has just been forged in fiery pixels and is ready to be shared with the world. Mission Statement Lights. Camera. Help. is an annual film festival dedicated to telling the story of non-profit and grass roots organizations through the use of film and video. Brand Positioning Statement Lights. Camera. Help. is the premier film festival for non-profit and grass roots organizations. Through this annual event, films and videos with a cause directly related to a non-profit or grass roots organization will be subject to a rigorous criteria by a panel of judges. The films and videos will gain notoriety by being considered the best in one of several distinct categories. This festival is the first of its kind and is a pillar of the City of Austin, a prominent city in the non-profit, grass roots and activism communities. These organizations, along with filmmakers, will use the festival to spread the word about their cause, develop a community of followers, and expand the film-for-a-cause genre.