Lights. Camera. Help. is teaming up with Media Xperiments to encourage young people to create media. As part of their Media Makers workshops, we are holding online sessions in the coming weeks. The first is on Copyright and Creative Commons followed by a workshop next week on storytelling. Tune in online at and stay tuned for information on our additional workshops. Copyright and Creative Commons November 4th at 4pm Whether it’s finding inspiration or adding a little flavor to your work, artists have to know what their rights are and the rights of other artists who influence them. This workshop will talk about Copyright protection of your creation, and when it’s ok for someone to use your work and for you to use theirs. We will also discuss Creative Commons, which allows artists to share and remix each other’s writings, music, video and images. Telling Your Story – November 11th at 4pm This workshop explores the nature of storytelling and effective ways to communicate with an audience using various mediums and modes of expression. For those interested in writing, I encourage you to join NanoWriMo (, which begins Nov 1st and we can discuss your progress or questions during the Nov 11th session. just start telling your story, we’ll worry about the mechanics while you work.