Institute for Democratic Education in America

IDEA envisions an educational system based on respect for human rights and values of freedom and responsibility, participation and collaboration. and equity and justice.

Founded by educators from across the country, IDEA is committed to bridging the disconnect between our democratic values and the way we educate and treat young people. This disconnect is striking. as the learning experience today is largely determined by a standardized. high-stakes, and de-personalized approach that alienates young people from learning and drives gifted teachers out of the profession.

Showing 7pm Thursday, July 29th at theMexican American Cultural Center



Directed by: Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza

Motion Graphics by: Anthony Kraus

Written By: Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza, Dana Bennis, and Melia Dicker

Music By: The Noise Revival Orchestra Experience


Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza:

Juan Carlos is a director, a writer. and an editor. He produces web content for Vice Magazine, makes commercials for Pure West and collaborates on motion graphics with Noisy Neighbor. He founded Popten Magazine because he thinks artists make better critics of pop culture and are always making top ten lists. His next feature film is a narrative called Die Hipster Die, and is about a serial killer offing the elite hipsters in Williamsburg.


Dana Bennis:

Dana is the executive director of the Institute for Democratic Education in America. He has been deeply involved in the growing network of democratic education practitioners and supporters since 2001, dedicating his time to researching,  teaching  and advocating for education that respects young people to be meaningfully involved in their learning. He has taught in democratic, progressive, and conventional school settings and earned a Masters Degree in Education from Vermont College of Union Institute and University.