Through Facebook’s “Causes,” Maddie Grant has asked friends and family to donate to a very worthy cause for her birthday wish, and that cause is Lights.Camera.Help!  Anyone can create a ‘Causes Wish for Charity’ and use a special event coming up to help create awareness and financial aid for a charity they really care about!

Maddie Grant wanted a unique present this year for her birthday.  She wanted help raising $500.00 for Lights.Camera.Help, an orgnaization she really cares about.  Maddie feels that storytelling with film and video is something “simple any nonprofit can do with a potentially huge impact.” She was asking people for $500 to help make that impact.  To date, she, along with the help of her friends and family, has helped raise over $700.00!

Thank you so much, Maddie, for thinking of us! It means a lot that you picked Lights.Camera.Help for your birthday wish!

Make your own wish by visiting, Create a Causes Wish for Charity!