Love Drop is a “micro-giving network” of individuals that are literally, utterly and completely changing the lives of inspiring people, one family at a time.  By asking for even as little as a $1 donation, they provide these people with “unexpected financial gifts, personal encouragement and the support of local and online communities.” They have already given out over $30,500 worth of support or ‘love drops’ for various people in serious need!



The Love Drops started with Jill, an amazing, persevering woman and her kids who lost everything in a fire, but still managed to give back to their own community.  They continued on with Ethan and Alex, two remarkable kids with severe autism in need of a very special service dog.  Then they dropped in on Katie, a young, single, mother of two with a positive outlook battling brain tumors who needed a special visit from some special friends. Last month, they helped the Kahlen family, who struggle with financial hardships and the special medical needs of their daughter, who continue to try to help others around them. In the face of all adversity, in the hardest of times, all of these people have managed to continue to help others, move forward and altruistically give hope to their community when faced with hard times themselves. They make it easy to want to get involved.

The inspire Love Drop and Love Drop inspires us.