Q. When are the films really due?

A. Seriously. All films need to be postmarked by June 30 at 11:59pm CDT. We absolutely cannot take any entries after that date. Films sent in after June 15th will need to be accompanied by a $20.00 cutting it close fee. This is to encourage folks to get their films in during the early bird phase.

Q. What is the “cutting it close fee”? Why do I have to pay it?

A. After June 15th all film that are sent to us will need to pay a $20.00 cutting it close fee. This is to encourage you to send in your films early.

Q. Where do I send the films if I’m sending them in after June 15?

A. Lights. Camera. Help.
Film Selection Committee
PO Box 270069
Austin, Texas 78727

Q. Is there a limit of films I can submit? Is it per filmmaker or cause?

A. There is no limit the amount of films you can submit to the film festival. Just make sure they are a good fit. And see the next question

Q. What kinds of films are you looking for?

A. As one of the world’s only nonprofit and cause driven film festivals we are looking for PSA’s, shorts and feature length films that make people take action. We want films that make people get up off their seats and do something! That could be a call to action for volunteering, donating, writing your congress person, traveling to a foreign country, writing a letter or building a community garden. Whatever it is think about what your film is about and how it moves people.  Then send it on in to us!

Q. What do you define as a cause?

A. We define a cause as an organization of one or more people looking to make a difference in the world as we know it. We generally favor films that are in league with a governmentally recognized nonprofit.That could be a NGO or a 501c3 or 501c4. If the film is one of our winning jury prize films we need a governmentally recognized nonprofit to give the prize money to. If there is not one attached the filmmaker can make the determination and we will write the prize check to that 501c3 or NGO.

Q. Can I submit a film I did in 2010?

A. Yes. We take films from up to five years from the current date of the film festival. So send away.

Q. What formats do you take for the films?

A. We take DVD or electronic formats only (.mov only). Please don’t send us originals or your rare 35mm film reel. We cannot return any media sent our way. But don’t fret, we will give away your USB thumb drives as prizes at our future film classes. J

Q. My film is on YouTube. Can I just send you the link to it?

A. Nope. We need your film as a electronic file or as DVD. Online links will not count and will be ignored. Contact your filmmaker for the original file or DVD.

Q. I saw Aaron at El Chilito and Davit at  Stiles Switch BBQ, can I just hand them the films?

A. We all love BBQ and the Brixton, but no. All films needs to be submitted by mail after filling out our online form. Even the late ones.

Q. When will I know if my film got accepted?

A. Whew! Judging the amount of films we get is a long and complicated (and fun) process. We will let you know if you film made the film festival in late July or early August.

Q. When can I buy tickets to attend the film festival?

A. Tickets will be online and on sale starting June 1st from our friends at Brown Paper Tickets.

Q. Will there be handicapped accessible screenings this year?

A. You bet. Please contact the Bob Bullock museum for more information at (512) 936-4629.