Aaron-speaking-at-festivalAaron Bramley has been selected as the new Executive Director of Lights. Camera. Help.

“As a co-founder and someone who has been with Lights. Camera. Help. (LCH) since the beginning, we [the board] feel confident that Aaron can lead the organization forward with the same commitment to excellence,” said Rich Vázquez Board President for Lights. Camera. Help.

Bramley, current Chief Operations Officer for the organization, will take over as Executive Director on October 22nd when David J. Neff, current Chief Executive Officer, steps down. David will remain an active part of Lights. Camera. Help. and continues to be committed to its success and growth.

“Our partners, sponsors, constituents and instructors can still expect the same service LCH has given them in the past,” said Bramley.  Adding, “I fully expect us to continue to grow and thrive as we always have.”

Bramley has been with Lights. Camera. Help. since its inception.  He has served as Board Secretary, Director of Communications and Education and COO of the organization.  A graduate of NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences, Bramley is also a communications professional who works full-time as the Director of Digital Media for Ridgewood: Ingenious Communication Strategies.

Lights. Camera. Help. was established in 2009 to encourage nonprofits to use film and video to share their message with the world.  The organization does this through educational programming, matching filmmakers with nonprofit organizations, an annual film festival and other events in Austin, Texas and other cities.