On February 22, 2012 we are teaming up with the Jewish Community Center and the Multicultural Refugee Coalition to bring you all Light, a screening of three incredibly moving films that focus on human rights issues.  I’ve seen two of the three films being shown (being an intern totally has its perks) and I can honestly say that they are informative, compelling, and thought-provoking.  We will be showing the following:

Shine a Light on Human Rights by Amnesty International

This is a short film made in honor of the Amnesty International 50th anniversary.  The film highlights the effect that individuals’ words and actions can have on the world around them, while simultaneously telling the story of the organization’s roots.


Defensora O Chiqui by Aitor De Miguel

A roughly thirty minute long film shot in Colombia that tells the story of Colombian human rights activist Berenice Celeyta as her country is engulfed in one of the longest armed conflicts in its history.


Welcome Home by the Multicultural Refugee Coalition and the Reel Refugees

This short that was featured in our first annual 48 Hour Film Frenzy.  It showcases exactly what the Multicultural Refugee Coalition does for refugees in the Austin community, and it puts a local spin on human rights issues.


On top of the films there will be talks from people who have had to fight for their human rights and open discussion about human rights issues.  The event will be held at 7:00pm on February 22 at the Jewish Community Center at 7300 Hart Lane Austin, Texas 78731.  Tickets can be purchased here or at the gate, and I hope to see you all there!