Here at Lights. Camera. Help. (LCH) we enjoy educating members of nonprofit organizations all over through our education programs. We teach the basics of videography and how to apply those skills to benefit the needs of individual organizations.

On July 13, 2012 Director of Education and Communications at LCH, Aaron Bramley spent the day at St. David’s Foundation teaching the basics. The St. David’s Foundation has a public-private partnership with St. David’s Healthcare system in Austin, Tx, which allows them to give back to the community of Central Texas.

St. David’s Foundation focuses on six areas, Healthy Aging, Healthy Future, Healthy Living, Healthy Minds, Healthy People, and Healthy Smiles. At St. David’s their mission is to “invest in a healthy community through funding, hard work, and initiatives to better care for the underserved and uninsured.”

The film class was a three-class engagement hosted by St. David’s. Those who attended were taught about lighting do’s and don’ts, ways to conduct interviews, the type of backgrounds to use, the way to construct their own sets and backgrounds using what they are given, and so much more.

After a lunch session, where they were showed examples of nonprofit videos that were made, everyone split up in to groups based on their organizations to film a short 12-seconds, which everyone would then bring back what to Bramley so that he could then instruct on the ways of editing.

Many enjoyed the ability to do group work with-in their groups, because they were able to try out different filming techniques, and ask questions if they weren’t necessarily clear on something.

After the group work, Bramley imported all the video clips from each group and taught them how to use iMovie. From the importing process to cropping clips and working with the audio and video tools, to basic transitions. After a full day with Bramley, those who participated in the St. David’s Foundation Film Class, left with a better understanding of movie making and tools that they can share with their organizations to be successful.

As we say at LCH, “We help nonprofits ‘Focus on Good!’” If you are interested in the film making classes offered, visit our site link, Film Classes on our website for more information. Also, visit St. David’s Foundation’s website for more information on the organization.