In Her Shoes

Short Film


Ever wondered how someone finds themselves homeless?  What turn of events must have happened? Most often we discard the notion that it could ever happen to us. In this short documentary we learn about a woman named Betty and how she went from having the life of “every girl’s dream” to sitting on the curb of the Salvation Army, to then rebuild her life and giving back to the community that supported her in a time of need. In Her Shoes is an inspirational story of triumph, compassion and making a difference in the world.



Showing Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 7:00 PM

followed by the features at 8:30pm – Ovejas Azules (Blue Sheep) and Maestra (Teacher)




Director – Brandy Amstel

Producer – Marian Bingaman and Brandy Amstel

Cinematographer – Suezean Matarazzo

Editor – Kate Dawson

Music – Justin Durban

Cast – Betty Staehr

Benefiting : Dress For Success