Impacting the Future (2007)
PSA, 7 minutes
Director: Jim Friedman

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center celebrates the legacy of courage and multicultural cooperation embodied in the story of the Underground Railroad. The Freedom Center uses a wide array of exhibits and programs to educate the public about the historic and continuing struggle to establish universal freedom in both the U.S. and around the world. The Freedom Center’s physical location in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, is just a few steps from the banks of the Ohio River, the great natural barrier that separated slave from free states. Our museum tells the dramatic story of the enslaved crossing over that river on the journey to freedom, assisted by men and women of all backgrounds who hated slavery and had created a secret network of escape routes that came to be called “the Underground Railroad.” Since our opening in August 2004, nearly 900,000 people –from all 50 states and dozens of nations around the world have toured our exhibits and attended our programs.

Jim Friedman, Writer/Director
Jim Friedman and Addie Rosenthal,
Producers Don Murphy and Paul Bernish,
Executive Producers Pete Ohs and Mike DeGrazier,
Videography and Editing