Homewood Children's Village

The Homewood area of Pittsburgh, PA has been plagued in recent years with gun violence. But the number one what-I-would-change-if-I-could answer from residents is abandoned properties. Homewood is painted all over, in broad strokes, with swaths of empty lots and blighted homes.

John Wallace, a professor who’s spent more than two years planning the Homewood Children’s Village, has presented a proposal modeled after the Harlem Children’s Village to provide comprehensive social services to neighborhood. The zone would provide educational, medical and social services to children and adults in a 100-block area.

This short documentary was filmed over two months in the neighborhood. It follows residents, children, and other leaders as they discuss the challenges ahead and the hope for the future.



Homewood Children’s Village Board of Directors

Homewood Children’s Village Leadership Committee and Staff

The Pittsburgh Foundation

Operation Better Block

The people and residents of Homewood

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