Hey guys! The Love Drop team is at it again! They just came back from the Boston area where they dropped $5,000 worth of appliances and gifts to a woman who recently was hit by a car and is recovering in a wheelchair, and THIS month they’re trying to round up the love for precious newborn triplets!

LoveDrop wants to help the parents, Jeff and Becca, prepare to bring them home from the hospital, as all three were born very underweight and are currently in the Neonatal ICU. They’re doing great though and will be coming home soon! With four children already, adding a surprise batch of triplets is going to put considerable financial strain on the family, and that’s where we all come in!

Let’s help give them everything they need to welcome the triplets home, including diapers, food, furniture, gift cards–any baby stuff you can think of. They’re aiming for at least $3,000 in cash, plus gifts. Want to help? Here are three ways you can participate:

  1. Give $1.00 This money will help go to their family, and every dollar counts!
  2. Give a gift card – Gift cards are extremely helpful. Places like Target, Wal-mart, restaurants, etc would be perfect.
  3. Donate baby stuff! – Specifically diapers, formula and clothes, even gift cards. (Or maybe you have contacts in the baby world?)
  4. You can reach the Love Drop team anytime with questions: LoveDrop.us So hurry and start sending those Love Drops!