March 16, 2011, marked the celebrated launch of Google for Nonprofits! 200 leaders in the nonprofit world met at Google’s Washington D.C. office to witness the launch of what will hopefully become an essential tool used to help nonprofits run more efficiently.  Google for Nonprofits is offering an array of technological services and support. Follow on twitter @googlenonprofit to share with others how to utilize their free and discounted services!


This new program gives national nonprofits access to exclusive nonprofit products!  Google AdWords explains the google grants program and how they can help nonprof’s with up to $10,000 a month in advertising that they can use to reach a broader donor base.  Google Apps gives access to free or discounted apps for your organization, gmail, google calendar, docs, etc. which leads to cutting down on IT costs and creating the ability to run a more efficient organization.

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They also showcase premuim features to Youtube, which has come up with their own nonprofit channel to encourage even more videos to showcase the nonprofit cause.

They will offer educational videos, case studies and ways to become more connected such as the Google for Nonprofits Discussion Group, an online forum to reach out to other nonprofits, ask and receive advice, share practices and learn how to facilitate the use of  Google’s tools.

Lastly, they will be offering the Google for Nonprofits Marketplace where certified google partners will be offering their services as well, at a free or discounted rate.

Watch their insightful introductory videos now to learn more about this exciting new opportunity for nonprofits!