Girls of Daraja

Celebrating the unique and powerful Daraja Academy in Kenya: the first free all-girls secondary school in all of East Africa. Daraja Academy is a revolutionary idea – a secondary school where remarkable Kenyan girls, otherwise forgotten due to the lack of school fees, are given the one thing they desire most… a chance to succeed, because Daraja and its supporters believe educated girls can transcend poverty and change the world.



Director & Producer: Barbara Rick

Executive Producer: Deborah Santana

Cinematographer & Sound: Jim Anderson

Editor: Ann Collins

Associate Producer & Assistant Editor: Julia Wrona

Music: John Califra, Pearson Constantino, Salvador Santana & Rachael Sage

Animation: Dancing Diablo: Beatriz Ramos, Marjoury Portal, Valentina Riascos, Oscar Rodriguez

Artwork: Sujean Rim

Color Correction & Sound Mix: Glue Edit


An Out of The Blue Films, Inc. Production A 501(c)(3) NonProfit