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EcoViva & Their Environmental Programs (6 min)
This film demonstrates the breadth of EcoViva’s environmental protection programs in El Salvador.

Homewood Children’s Village (20 min)

The Pittsburgh Foundation created this film show how they are attempting to raise the quality of life in poor urban neighborhoods.

Girls of Daraja (14 min)
By creating this film, the Daraja Academy is showing the world what they are doing to improve education opportunities for girls in Kenya.

Including Samuel (59 min)
This film chronicles the Habib family’s efforts to include Samuel, a child with cerebral palsy, in every facet of their lives.

Follow the Money (90 sec)

An animated short by Oxfam America, Follow the Money points out where the money we spend on gas and oil really goes.

Every Heart Matters (60 sec)
Freedom Action Inclusion Rights created this PSA in order to promote marriage equality in response to California’s Prop 8.

Hunger is Unacceptable (3 min)
To launch their “Hunger Is Unacceptable” campaign, the Capital Area Food Bank created this branding video.

Arts Erotica (35 min) Content not suitable for children
To raise funds for the Paul Kirby AIDS Emergency Fund, the Octopus Club created this documentary about their annual erotic art auction.