7pm – 10pm (Buy Tickets – proceeds go to winning nonprofits)

The Spirit of Texas Theater at the Bob Bullock Museum
Free parking in attached garage

Urban Roots
Urban Roots is the powerful story of the rise of the urban farming movement in post industrial Detroit. The diverse citizens of Detroit have come together to create hope and community through small, independent farms grown in the city, that make fresh food available to people, many for the first time. (90 minutes) >>

A Read on Inside Books
A short film about Inside Books Project, a nonprofit organization in Austin, Texas, that provides free books to people in Texas prisons. The film features volunteers of the organization who explain how the organization works and why its purpose is so important. (9.5 mins) >>

Open Season: On Native Women
The title ‘Open Season’ is taken from a Native activist’s quote ‘It’s like it’s open season on Native women,’ referring to the fact that Native women suffer from sexual violence at a higher rate than any other ethnicity in the United States. (14 mins) >>

A Public Service Announcement not approved by AJWS
This American Jewish World Service public service announcement, created by uber-producer/director/writer Judd Apatow, shows a funnier, edgier side of global justice and features some big-name stars: Ben Stiller, Sarah Silverman, Jerry Seinfeld, John Mayer, Susan Sarandon, Sir Patrick Stewart, Andy Samberg, Ken Jeong, Tracy Morgan, Helen Hunt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Gilbert Gottfried, Brian Williams and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. The PSA premiered at AJWS’s 25th anniversary celebration on October 28, 2010. (5 mins) >>

A Thousand Suns
A Thousand Suns’ tells the story of the Gamo Highlands of the African Rift Valley and the unique worldview held by the people of the region. This isolated area has remained remarkably intact both biologically and culturally. Shot in Ethiopia, New York and Kenya, the film explores two interrelated threats to the Gamo Highlands: 1) the evangelistic aspirations of the protestant church that are destroying the Gamo’s indigenous spirituality and governance systems; and 2) the efforts of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), a Western aid organization which is spending hundreds of millions of dollars bringing chemical pesticides, fertilizers and so-called improved seeds to the continent. (27 mins) >>

Build. Believe. Become.
Saint Louise House empowers women with children to overcome homelessness in Central Texas. They believe in the intrinsic worth of every person. They strive to keep families together. This film tells the story of the Saint Louise House, and relates through its residents how they help the community. (5 mins) >>

It’s a Jolly Holly-dog Celebration!
This video was made to go viral and did just that! It garnered over 500,000 hits over the holidays promoting adoption of the many shelter pets around the country and from Best Friends Animal Society. (1 min) >>

Water Changes Everything
Almost a billion people live without clean drinking water. We call this the water crisis. It’s a crisis because it only starts with water — but water affects everything in life. Health. Education. Food security. The lives of women, especially. (3 mins) >>