Oxfam America created this film to raise awareness about transparency – or lack thereof – in the oil, gas, and mining industries. When companies don’t disclose their payments to the countries from which their products are extracted, it greatly affects the livelihoods of the poor communities that rely on the profits of their natural resources. This video literally follows the money from the gas pump to the original source and shines a light on how poor communities are hurt when companies that don’t share their profits.

A powerful animated short, Follow The Money has received nearly 50,000 views on YouTube and was nominated for YouTube’s 4th Annual DoGooder NonProfit Video Awards.

Standing at the pump, watching the numbers tick away, do you ever wonder where the money goes? You’re not alone: People on the other end of the pipeline are wondering too. While we feel the pinch in our pockets, citizens of oil-producing countries are often not seeing the profits.

You can help by supporting a piece of US legislation called the Energy Security Through Transparency Act, which would require oil, gas, and mining companies to publicly disclose payments made to governments. The bipartisan bill was introduced by Senators Richard Lugar, Benjamin Cardin and others in September 2009, and both the Senate and House will work to pass legislation in 2010.

With more than half of the world’s poorest people living in countries rich in natural resources, this legislation would provide citizens with vital information to hold their governments accountable.


Technical Information

Type: Animated Short

Length: 1 min 30 seconds

Style: Mixed including Parallax, still photography, and motion graphics



Property of Oxfam America

Produced by Talking Eyes Media