Every Heart Matters

What happened in California isn’t just about Prop 8. — It’s about people. The heart is where hope finds shelter. It is at the center of all that makes us human. It is as fragile as glass; And as resilient as iron. Some say civil union is good enough. Would it be good enough for you? For your family? The fundamental truth is everyone has the same undeniable human rights. Love does not discriminate. Love, honor, and cherish equality. MARRIAGE IS A MATTER OF THE HEART AND EVERY HEART MATTERS DEFEND EQUALITY LOVE UNITES.



Executive Producers: Dayna Frank, Sadath Garcia, Andrew Oldershaw

Produced by: Foundation Content

Producer: Stacy Paris

Creative Director: Samantha Hart

Copywriters: Samantha Hart and Julie Hall

Directors: Focus Creeps

Editor: Tom Pastorelle

Music by: Meghan Toohey


Mission Statement:


With its finger on the pulse of the passion and potential within our generation, FAIR is revolutionizing what it means to be young and active. Stepping up after the passage of Proposition 8 to galvanize emerging leaders, FAIR has emerged as a grassroots force with its head in Hollywood, its heart in Sacramento, and its feet planted firmly in the grassroots. The group brings together the skills, passion, and determination of a group of young professionals from diverse backgrounds committed to ensuring that the struggle for equality has a visible face, image, and message. Rebranding activism for a new generation, FAIR engages individuals who have long remained on the periphery of political action and reinvigorates seasoned activists with new ideas, energy, and hope. FAIR’s first event occurred on November 15th, 2008 when, in less than a week, we brought 15,000 people to City Hall and asked Shepard Fairey to create the ‘Love Unites’ image – which is now a unifying symbol at equality events across the globe. The true impact of our mission culminates with the launch of FAIRforward, a micro-fund that provides the financial and human capital needed to support up-and-coming activists in their efforts to change the world. Working to create a tangible shift in California’s marriage equality movement, FAIR embodies and empowers a new generation to claim equality and freedom as their own and wages war on homophobia, with pop culture street cred backing us up. FAIR functions under a 501c3 fiscal sponsorship agreement.