With the immense swell that is social media, nonprofits now have an outlet to accomplish the vital task of sharing its messages and missions with the world at large—for free! At Lights. Camera. Help., we know that video is the most powerful social media tool available.


While those in the corporate world can fight, and pay, to prove who gets to be the top dog, nonprofits largely share information with one specific audience in an effort to grow as a community. What better way to do that than to use video and mixed media to tell compassionate stories about people. (For more information about using ‘technology to promote technology’ click here.)

In an age of information, as part of the nonprofit world, it is imperative to self-educate and learn from one another through workshops, festivals, online seminars, etc. The Non-Profit Technology Conference is yet another example of this very ideal. In March, a three day gathering will be held in San Francisco, Minneapolis and Washington D.C., to bring nonprofits and technology together.

Lights. Camera. Help. is preparing to do their very own version here in Austin in March. On March 23rd, Lights. Camera. Help. will provide a full-day DIY video training for nonprofit organizations. The cost of this workshop is $95 for Greenlights members and $125 for non-members. Click here if you are interested in signing up for this beneficial training session.