Berenice Celeyta has received numerous death threats. She is Colombian and a Human Rights Advocates. The longest social armed conflict continues to wage on in her country. Nonetheless, she never gives up hope.

Berenice Celeyta ha recibido numerosas amenazas de muerte. Es colombiana y defensora de Derechos Humanos. En su país persiste el conflicto social y armado más antiguo de América Latina. Sin embargo, no pierde la esperanza.


Filming locations: Colombia
Running time: 29

Defensora O Chiqui from Camara Lucida Producciones on Vimeo.


Director: Aitor De Miguel 
Production Company: Cámara Lúcida Producciones 
Screenwriting: Aitor De Miguel 
Cinematographer: Ian Velázquez 
Editor: Cámara Lúcida Producciones 
Music: Alejandro Ventura & Totó La Momposina 
Sound: Estudios Xlr


AITOR DE MIGUEL (Madrid 06/04/1979) In the last year of his university studies he was selected for the Erasmus scholarship. He graduated from the Escuela de Cine y Teatro de Amadora, Portugal. He got his first job working as an editor for major firms with the production company Recrea Digital, editing TV commercials for Tripictures España, Indra, Sony-Bmg and Fadesa, among others. In 2007, he started Cámara Lúcida Producciones. His cinematographic interests are seen reflected in the short documentary “Acaso yo”, filmed in Ethiopia in 2006. He won his first award in the festival Villa de Espartinas, and the award for best cinematography at Fotofilm Calella, as well as being selected on 6 or 7 other occasions. In 2010, he filmed “Defensora” in Colombia. Upon returning from Columbia, he began working at RTVE in Zaragoza as a graphic reporter.