Convio and WealthEngine, two extremely dependable aides in the nonprofit world, have teamed up to provide organizations with even more assistance and efficiency on an even higher level.  With WealthEngine’s undeniable leadership in wealth identification and prospect research and Convio’s extremely efficient Common Ground database, the merge makes networking and fund raising quicker, easier and more productive for nonprofits.

“The Convio Common Ground/WealthEngine integration provides us with the capability to perform real-time lookups from Common Ground into the WealthEngine database,” said Jamie L. Klobuchar, Vice President, Individual, Major and Planned Giving from Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.

Both Convio and WealthEngine already work towards making resources accessible, raising funds inevitable, and technological solutions attainable, but the conglomeration will now save an incredible amount of time and resources as well, allowing nonprofits to continue to grow and thrive even more.