Dear Future Lights. Camera. Help. Content Creator/Manager,

I’m writing an open letter to you to encourage you to join the Lights. Camera. Help. team.  I know you’re totally busy being awesome most the day, but we’d love if you’d help us maintain the Lights. Camera. Help. website, newsletter and social media presence. It’d also be outstanding if you could assist in the creation of sponsorship documents, one-sheets, collaterals and other layout and light graphics work.

The mission of Lights. Camera. Help. is to encourage other nonprofit and cause-driven organizations to use film and video to tell their stories. We do this through our education program, an annual film festival and a volunteer match program.   The organization was founded in 2009 and has been progressively growing since its inception.

Lights. Camera. Help. is an all volunteer-run organization and we would love for you to understand that while we all have day-jobs, we do our best to produce events and services with professional quality.  While the workload ebbs and flows, we’d love for you to have at least 2-3 hours/week to dedicate to LCH.  In addition, it’d be great if you had the following skills.


  • Strong writing ability with close attention to grammar, spelling, branding and voice.
  • Knowledge of basic HTML
  • Basic ability in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Joomla, Video Editing
  • Proficiency with SEO and writing for the web
  • Self-motivated worker who enjoys collaboration

If you are Lights. Camera. Help.’s new Content Creator, please send your resume and cover letter to Aaron Bramley,



Aaron Bramley
Executive Director