concero connect students

A glimpse of several underprivileged and underserved communities in Guanajuato, Mexico and the problems they face without substantial access to the outside world. We see those from Concero Connect venture into these communities to deliver radically affordable broadband connectivity for the first time, a model they hope to recreate in communities around the world. Concero Connect interacts on a personal level with the people of these communities, assessing the need and providing a way for a communities to connect and for the underprivileged to enhance their lives. We watch as both old and young are awed at the possibilities a computer and a connection can bring into their lives.


Filming locations: Guanajuato, Mexico 
Running time: 4:20




Director: Amy Montalvo

Production Company: ONEPASS Productions

Cinematographer: Amy Montalvo

Editor: Amy Montalvo


As a former broadcast journalist, Amy Montalvo has experienced just how powerful a visual story can be on the local level. Her experience in the power of storytelling motivated her to found ONEPASS Productions, in order to tell the stories of those impacting communities and lives for change. She is a skilled and highly motivated video and audio professional, with a commitment to telling not only the stories of people stepping up to make change and transform lives, but those who are personally experiencing that change. Ms. Montalvo holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Yale University, where she focused on the equality of gender in the field of journalism. Her desire to help those in vulnerable populations has taken her to the positive news, stories of those doing good in the world, and stories that give a voice to those who deserve to speak. She is passionate about telling the stories of positive change in order to see that change grow, spread, and flourish across the globe.