Interested in making films, but always wondering what kind to make? In an article from titled, “Charity Video,” they helped answer this question and more. Considering the amount of charities located nationwide and internationally there is always an event or cause to promote, so why not choose to do it through video? There are different types of videos that can be created for charities, but if you are not sure how to get started, just try a few of the tactics that suggested.

If you are already a member of a local organization, such as a church or a student organization, call them up and ask to film the next event. You can let them know that you are interested in creating a video for them and donating it to them for the cause. But if you aren’t involved, it’s never too late to volunteer. Just call around to local organizations and let them know your film interests. If they have an upcoming event offer to cover it and produce a free film for them. Once your work is out there it shouldn’t be hard to keep getting involved.

Once you discover the cause, the type of film you create will be your next task. There are several types of films that you can create. You can create a promotional video, which will help advertise the organization or event that can be used to recruit new volunteers or participation. These types of films usually have short voiceovers, positive footage, b-roll and tell a story.

The second type of film is training videos. These videos are usually less fluff and more step by step instructions. I’m sure if you’ve ever been employed you’ve had the luxury of taking time to sit and watch such videos. These types of films can be used by organizations to educate their volunteers on safety, or simply tell the history of the company and its endeavorers to better the cause.

The last thing you could use your video techniques for is to educate others. By passing on your insight on video making, you can help spawn a new generation of filmmakers. Here at Lights. Camera. Help. we have an education program in which we pass on our filmmaking skills to individuals who can take back what they’ve learned and create great products for their causes. It’s always a blessing to have great filmmaking skills, but it’s more of a blessing to pass them on to others and see what great things they can create. After all it is all for the cause!

One thing you always want to make sure of before a film is completed, is to always have release forms signed by the participants. You always want them to know that there is a greater chance for them to be seen, then to not be seen. This will help legally cover not only you but the organization you are working for as well. Now that you have a place to start, go fourth, find a charity, and make great work!